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About Theresa Gingras

Imagine a photograph of food where you could almost taste it, or a photograph of a restaurant that made you want to eat there, or a photograph of a home that you could imagine living in, or a piece of jewelry that you envisioned wearing.  Welcome to Theresa Gingras Commercial Photography.

Collaborating with clients as partners she delivers impactful imagery that will enhance branding and marketing efforts, assist with portfolio development for strong professional advertising and website photography. Her clients include builders, interior designers, architects, landscape architects, marketing directors, restaurants, chefs, hotels, realtors, and website designers.

As a Commercial Photographer specializing in architectural, advertising and design photography, Theresa’s unique compositional style, technical skill, use of creative supplemental lighting, and advanced post processing techniques result in striking imagery characterized by crisp and vibrant color, clean lines, and strong graphic elements.

Theresa prides herself on her ability to understand her client’s photographic goals and collaborates with them to consistently deliver projects on time and on budget to their ultimate satisfaction.

Through her commitment to the creative art of photography, Theresa enjoys teaching photography classes to college students and hobbyists alike.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”   –Dorothea Lange